The Bible 3.0:
The 6 Commandments of the Chosen Life

A Roadmap to Personal Success and Enlightenment

In this fundamental lifestyle guide, a Jewish Buddhist blends ancient and new practices to present the 6 Commandments of the Chosen Life—how the mind, body, and soul work together—to help you quit sleepwalking through life, be the greatest version of yourself with purpose, and live the life you truly imagine.


Here’s just some of the things you’ll learn:
  • Effective tools for sustainable whole-body health…naturally
  • Encouraging words to awaken your mind to the possibilities of your created future
  • Get to know yourself better as you learn how your unique mind, body, and soul complex truly works
  • Improve your day-to-day living to bring your chosen goals into reality
  • Self-actualize with intriguing concepts that will open your mind and soul to a better, more enlightened future

It's never too late to change and grow. Imagine your greatest self and the life you truly imagine living. This is the book that shows you how to live it. Unlock the potential that is YOU.

“This book is my gift to the world and the universe. I don’t want to stand by and leave the world the way it is; I want to help encourage change… To truly make a difference. We don’t need to do this on a global scale. We can do this by working on ourselves. If each of us can become a better version of who we are—we have won.” — Jonathan A. Hacohen


My Story

Jonathan A. Hacohen, "The Chosen Lawyer," admitted to the Ontario Bar in 2002, boasts an extensive legal career and a business degree from The Schulich School of Business. As a Partner at Kormans LLP, he's been nominated twice in Canadian Lawyer Magazine's Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers. An experienced speaker, Jonathan covers topics from real estate to mindfulness. He's not only a legal expert but also a fitness enthusiast, chef, and podcast host.