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Retaining a Real Estate Lawyer Inside & Outside of Ontario

By sedoo

We often get asked as part of our real estate practice whether we can close real estate transactions outside of Ontario.  Clients are often buying homes, vacation and investment properties all over the world!  The properties can be located in another Canadian province (e.g. Quebec and British Columbia), the United States, Spain, Russia or any location that you can think of.  So as an Ontario based real estate law firm, can we act for a buyer and/or seller of a property outside of Ontario?  The answer is simple: no.  But in Ontario- the answer is YES!


While we would love to assist our current and future clients with all of their real estate transactions, the fact is that our lawyers are licensed to practice law in Ontario. We are neither licensed nor insured to give legal advice and assistance relating to properties outside of our jurisdiction. So when you are looking to buy or sell a property outside of Ontario, make sure you speak with your trusted professionals (including realtors and mortgage brokers) to obtain professional legal guidance in the applicable jurisdiction where the property is located.


On that note, as long as your transaction is located within Ontario, our firm would be pleased to assist you with your transaction. A condo in Ottawa? Cottage property In Muskoka? Please feel free to give one of our lawyers a call to discuss your transaction. We will go through the steps of the transaction, answer any questions you may have – and once retained, open your file and prepare for your real estate transaction.


We look forward to hearing from you!  If you have any questions on this blog article or real estate in general, please drop us a line.  We are here to assist you!


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