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4 Steps on How to Set Your New Year Resolution Goals 2022

By Kormans LLP

We made it to a brand-new year! Welcome to 2022 😊

With a fresh year comes new hope! But then the pressure hits. You feel the need to make your goals for the upcoming year. How do you plan new year’s resolutions and most importantly, make them stick?

Have no fear! 4 easy steps are all you need. Ready? Set…. Go!!!!



On your notes app or writing pad, make a list of all the things you think you want to accomplish in 2022. It can be anything! Personal or professional goals. Material. Education. Skills. Achievements. Write down everything, in any order, that you hope to achieve. See it in writing so it feels real. Spend all the time you want to write down possible goals. Ten minutes or ten hours. It is up to you. Then leave it. Walk away from your list.



Come back to your list now. Take the reasonable time you need. A day. Two days. A week at the most. Now look at the list that you prepared. Start cutting down your list if necessary and pinpoint the key goals you want to focus on. The number of goals is up to you. I like to have between 5-10 goals at most—with a balance of personal and professional objectives set out. The key is to pick goals that are realistic, achievable and will better your life. Now that you have your list ready, let’s get to it!



It takes a special person to create goals. But goals cannot be achieved unless the details—the steps are put into place. Look at each goal—it should be a project on its own by now. And below the goal are the steps you will take to make them happen. Note: no detail is too small! Everything you need to plan and do, buy, implement—all need to be listed in the goal. A goal in itself means little—for the goal is actually a combination of the steps you take to reach it. Start ordering your steps, where do you need to begin and end. What steps need to be completed in order for others to be started. Create a timeline for each step. Each goal will have a detailed list of steps. If you focus on achieving a step, one at a time, before you know it—the goal can be reached!



Why do most new year’s resolutions fail? Because some people are planners—but not doers.  And people who are doers, are often not planners. To be successful, you will be both! You made the list and the steps. So, what’s to stop you from executing and completing the steps? Only you!!!!! The process should be fluid of course. Maybe you started the steps and realized some needed to be added/deleted. Or perhaps the goal itself to be revamped and the steps with it. That’s fine! No need to waste energy and resources on a losing proposition. But don’t give up simply because the steps seem too difficult, or you find that you lack motivation. Look within yourself. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking of how big the goal looks. Focus instead on how easy it will be to get the steps done.


Completing the baby steps will ultimately lead you to the promised land: completed New Year’s resolutions in 2022! And the feeling of accomplishment and self-worth will be amazing!! Before you know it, 2023 will hit you. Do you want 2022 to be a banner year of success or another year of delayed expectations and missed opportunities? The choice is yours! Good luck and if you get stuck along the way, keep referring to the 4 steps. They are there to guide you in your journey.





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