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A “Refresher” on Vendor Take Back Mortgages

By Kormans LLP

In the constantly evolving Ontario real estate market, buyers and sellers continue to come-up with creative ways to finalize their Agreements of Purchase and Sale. This blog aims to provide a “refresher” on the financial arrangement of a Vendor Take Back Mortgage (“VTB”).

A VTB is a financing arrangement whereby a property seller agrees to provide a loan/mortgage to a buyer to facilitate the purchase of their property. This loan supplements or replaces a portion of the buyer’s traditional mortgage, often allowing the buyer to acquire the property with less external financing.  The VTB is then registered as a mortgage against the property, and in the event that the buyer defaults, the mortgage is [usually] enforceable under the Mortgage Act.

In a real estate transaction involving a VTB, the terms of the loan are typically negotiated between the buyer and the seller and then included in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. The terms outlined often include: the total loan amount, payment amount, interest rate, maturity date, repayment schedule, along with any other relevant conditions.

It is worth noting that VTB mortgages are commonly used as a financing tool when buyers face challenges obtaining traditional financing. They are also used in cases where buyers have obtained traditional financing, however, require an additional mortgage/loan to cover any shortfall not provided by their traditional financing provider. Moreover, sellers might also offer a VTB to attract buyers in hopes of closing a transaction quickly.

Although it would be safe to assume that most real estate transactions in Ontario do not include the registration of a VTB mortgage, there a plenty of circumstances where either a buyer or seller may find a VTB useful for their transaction. A VTB may offer flexibility in financing and can benefit both buyers and sellers under suitable circumstances.

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