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“Cottage Life”

By Kormans LLP

There is something very special about having a cottage to escape to. The beauty, tranquility, and connection with nature are all important factors. But for many, at the root of the special cottage lifestyle — is the ability to enjoy all that while sharing quality times with family and friends!


Those living and working in the GTA are so fortunate to have such a magnificent and varied cottage country within very reasonable driving distances. As such, there is always a relatively strong market for cottage properties with close proximity to the GTA.


As a direct result of people re-evaluating their lifestyles due to the pandemic, the cottage market has been extremely hot over the past year with no end in sight for the foreseeable future! Cottages used to be mostly secondary properties. Now more people are choosing to live at their cottages and work from there as well.


Fortunately, our firm has been closing cottage transactions for decades — so we are well prepared for the differences in closing a cottage purchase vs an urban property. Considerations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Road access and maintenance
  • Water potability
  • Septic and sewage systems
  • Unregistered hydro easements
  • Underground fuel tanks
  • Environmental matters
  • Waterfront ownership
  • Shore road allowances
  • Access to water through rights of way and easements
  • Permits for docks and boathouses
  • Zoning by-law compliance
  • Encroachments
  • Title issues
  • Work orders
  • Crown rights and leases
  • Conservation Authority regulations; and
  • Indigenous/First Nations Land Claims


The above items to note can create potential land mines for title transferring purposes. So, it is no wonder that many real estate lawyers refuse to act on cottage transactions! At Kormans LLP, we welcome the challenge and look forward to the opportunity of assisting our clients achieve their cottage lifestyle dreams!



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