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Homeowner Protection Act, 2024

By Kormans LLP

Homeowner Protection Act, 2024 (HPA) came into force in Ontario on June 6, 2024. This legislation aims to enhance the protection of homeowners and buyers. In particular the HPA is expected to be beneficial for vulnerable segments of the population such as seniors, who now have some legislative protection against predatory schemes, and for homebuyers of new construction freehold homes.

The HPA bans the registration of Notices of Security Interest (NOSIs) on title to realty and it deems NOSIs for consumer goods currently registered on title to be deemed to have expired, which permits their deletion from title. NOSIs were used by businesses to register on title their financial interest in equipment such as water heaters and furnaces as security. However, NOSIs were often misused to exploit vulnerable homeowners, by securing high-interest mortgages against their property which led to many homeowners losing their homes.

The HPA also introduced of a statutory 10-day cooling-off period for the purchase of new freehold homes. Prior to the HPA the only statutory 10-day cooling-off period that protected buyers was with respect to the purchase of new construction condominium units pursuant to the Condominium Act. This new HPA statutory 10-day cooling-off period permits buyers to withdraw from new construction agreements with builders without penalties, and ensures that buyers will have an opportunity to seek legal advice and secure financing.

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