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Living the Life You Want: Making Your Dreams a Reality

By sedoo

We live in uncertain times. There is no doubt. As our new way of living evolves, we learn to evolve ourselves. Our lifestyles as we once knew them have changed and we are upon quite possibly the “new way of living”. What that means, we do not yet know. We will continue to learn over time.

But here is some hard reality. Real talk. No matter what happens in the environment around us—our own internal life can either grow or stagnate. There will always be external circumstances that can pose as challenges or roadblocks. It is our internal commitment, drive and vision which will ultimately steer the ship that we can our life.

Think of your life as a road. As you travel down the road—you reach a decision. There are three turns you can take. One is to keep doing what you are doing. The safe road. The road you keep travelling. You know it. You know where it will take you. The security road. The second road is the road which is short. It takes you home. To a park. Wherever it takes you. But there is nowhere to travel. You don’t feel like moving forward. So, you are good with staying put. Finally, road three is the new road. The uncertain road. One that you have never taken before. You have no clue where it will take you. It may take you to great heights and new sights. Or you will get lost and not find the way back so easily.

So which road do you want to take in life? Whether it was this year, a year ago, ten years ago, or ten years ago—you will be faced with the choice. Of which road you want to take. Do you keep going as you are? Do you stop and rest? Or do you take an adventure and try something different? Close your eyes. Picture the life you want to live. Now choose the road that works for you. And let’s make it happen 😊!



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